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Cricket Legends of Barbados Cruise

Press Release/ Pamala Proverbs/PRMR Inc./ May 25, 2008

The Cricket Legends of Barbados will be adding their contribution to the Australian Cricket tour of the West Indies with a cruise on board the MV Harbour Master for the Barbados leg on Tuesday, June 17 from 5pm to 9pm.

Chairman of the Legends, Rev. Wes Hall said that the cruise started last year during CWC 2007 and was well received by the cricket fraternity. "We want to ensure that the organisation is kept alive and is active especially during the cricket season. The cruise is by no means a big fund raiser but it helps us to remain visible within the cricket fraternity."

Hall said that the Legends have a number of projects in the pipeline which will help to bolster the image of cricket locally.  “The family of Stephen Alleyne has kindly loaned his collection of books to us and we will be launching the Stephen Alleyne reading room at Herbert House in the near future.   We are also working to bring our facility up to a full-fledged cricket museum and gift shop. Work is also continuing on the premises, with renovations due to be completed in the near future. This will leave us equipoise to execute a number of other projects that emanate from our business plan.”

CEO of the Legends, Deighton Smith said that the Legends are committed to a number of community based projects aimed at refocusing youngsters on cricket, introducing them to some of Barbados’ greatest players of the game and giving the Legends an opportunity to give some of their time back to the community.  This includes visits to primary schools to talk to the children about the values that lead to success.