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Caribbean Architects Have a New Body

Sue Courtenay, Newly Elected President of the FCAA.

The Federation of Caribbean Association of Architects has its first female President. Sue Courtenay of Belize was elected to this post this weekend at the 8th Biennale and Congress held at the Hilton Hotel.

Courtenay took over the reigns from former president Erick Halley of Guadeloupe. Courtenay said that she was happy to have led her country’s move to join the FCAA five years ago and was indeed pleased now to be its President.

Other elected members of the committee are Shaney Peña Gomez – 1st Vice President, John Allsopp – General Secretary, Wycliffe Morton – VP for English Speaking Caribbean, Noemie Panneflek de Lannoy – VP for Dutch Speaking Caribbean, Elmer Gonzalez Cavallo – VP for Spanish speaking Caribbean and Pascale Rosemain-Trebeau – VP for French Caribbean.

A major feature of the event, which attracted architects from 25 Caribbean countries was the design Competition. The winners of the competition were:

  • Small Buildings under 10,000 sq.ft – built – Edwin Quiles-Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) – “Haiti School” – winner
  • Small Buildings under 10,000 sq.ft – built – Studio Blue Architects Inc (Barbados) - Special Mentor
  • Small Buildings under 10,000 sq.ft – unbuilt – Alain Nicholas (Guadeloupe)- Administrative Tribunal of Fort-de-France – winner
  • Large Buildings over 10,000 sq.ft – built – Segunda Cardona (Puerto Rico) - New Library addition to existing supreme court – winner
  • Large buildings over 10,000 sq.ft – unbuilt – Pascal Berthelot BMCDM (Guadeloupe) - Memory of Trafficking and Slavery – winner
  • Urban Design – built – Zoohaus – Mae Durant Vidal (Dominican Republic) – IntelligenciaColectiva – winner
  • Restoration and contemporary additions to historic buildings – Marc Jalet and Emile Romney (Guadeloupe) – Communauté des Communes de Marie-Galante – winner
  • Students projects – Reva Watson (Jamaica) - Barbados Naval and Maritime Museum – winner
  • Special Mention – Ricardo Newallo-Christain (Jamaica) – Barbados Naval and Maritime Museum

The topics discussed at the conference were: Architectural Heritage, Caribbean Identity and Its Evolving Aesthetics and Regeneration and Sustainability.

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