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BPI Brings Easter Cheer to the Elderly

BRIDGETOWN -- The Barbados Port Inc.’s (BPI) Community Outreach Committee brought the spirit of good cheer to the patients of the Geriatric Hospital on Beckles Road this Easter.

The committee’s visit was part of a commitment made by CEO of the BPI, David Jean-Marie to donate supplies on a quarterly basis this year to the hospital. “Our elderly have paved the way for us to be where we are today, and it is sad that, in some cases, they have nowhere else to turn to but to the hospital. We at the Port hope that our donation would in some way help their situation and demonstrate that they are not forgotten by the society,” Jean-Marie said.

Staff nurse Marissa Carter accepted the donation on behalf of the hospital and thanked the committee for generously giving gifts and singing to the elderly. BPI’s Community Outreach Chairman, Meshell Rawlins said that they looked forward to helping the less fortunate in the community and were especially happy to be able to help the elderly. “Easter is a time of worship and family and we felt that having committed to the Geriatric Hospital, we should visit at this time so that the patients would feel a part of the Easter activities.” The next visit to the hospital is scheduled for Summer.