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Be Happy!

“You can’t punish me today because it’s International Day of Happiness,” says Karla, after I told her I was going to take off my belt because of the outstanding assignment she was working on. I thought that this was a ruse to get out of the bind she was in but nooooo, it really is international happy day.

Well, I have never heard of the day before and until recently I had never heard of the song “Happy” or of the singer Pharrell Williams. I was driving my fifteen-year-old son home from lessons and he was singing the song word for word, it was the first time I had actually heard Zack sing. I asked him about the song and his response was, “Mom you don’t know Pharrell? Well he is an old guy about your age, but he don’t look it.” Kids have no tact at all but surely enough I looked up Pharell today because I am so happy and he is looking mighty fine. I wish my family, friends, and clients all a very Happy Day! Click along and be happy with Pharrell.

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