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Living On Purpose

Purpose is what gives us the strength to carry on, if not through dire conditions, then through difficult changes, transitions, and situations.

When all else seems unsettled, uncertain, or impermanent, purpose gives us the will not just to live, but to live long and well. Discovering what you're designed to do might not be as difficult as you thought. The beginning of a new year calls for some introspection and I feel this information is some we could all use. Here are a few suggestions in this regard

1. Find out what your good at!

What are you good at, what makes you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. What do you do that makes you feel fulfilled! Whatever it is, that could be the key to discovering what you were placed on this planet to do

2. Make it happen, make it work!

Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. Don’t put time and energy into something that will not further your destiny! You have the power to fulfill your purpose in life. Most people just let life events happen, and react to them naturally, but things don’t just work out right. Stop hoping things will work, stop looking back into the past and make it work!

3. Be honest about what you want.

Many times, especially if you’re an inherent people pleaser, you will let people walk on you even if they don’t know they’re doing it. You don’t have to be nasty; you just have to communicate clearly. Give the other person a chance to understand or you might resent them, and they would have no idea that they even did something wrong.

4. Don’t let fear stop you.

This is probably the toughest task you can undertake, but it’s also one of the most important. If you fight the fear, if you say no over and over again to the lies that it tells you, you will be able to live your life on your terms. You won’t be shackled by fear, and you will be able to do what you believe is right, regardless of how terrifying it is. Fear wants you to fit in, to be mediocre, to do nothing that matters, to fly under the radar. It’s much easier to give in to fear. Take the hard and rewarding road.

5. Make a budget.

Where is your money going? Do you know? If you make X number of dollars in a month, can you tell me exactly where every dollar is going? Recently, I have been reading a book called The Power of Money by Dr. Kenneth Ulmer. A dynamic and very informative paperback, which speaks to managing wealth and riches well. Ulmer encourages people to control money and not be controlled by money in order to obtain financial stability. Forget the impulse purchases, save and spend with a purpose, spend on what you need and help others with their needs. Life isn’t just about you; use what you have to help someone else.

6. No Man Is An Island

Following on from point 5, this is very important. How do you help other people? Most people see this as just financial, while that is partly true, it’s more about what you sacrifice to help other people achieve their purpose. I would never encourage anybody to be a doormat and let people use you, but sacrificing time and energy to help someone else achieve their goals is significant. Not just for them, but for your own personal development and for fostering long lasting and positive interpersonal relationships.

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