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Getting Started In PR

Opportunities for Studies

In Barbados BIMAP offers an introductory course in PR that is taught by Sara Odle the PR Manager at Cable and Wireless. This is usually a three month course, running from April to June of each year and Sara being a seasoned practitioner is equipped with the knowledge to give students both an academic and practical business view on the topic. This is a good orientation for persons interested in a general knowledge of the area.

An upgrade to this would be the Associates Degree In Mass Communications at the Barbados Community College. This offers some modules on PR.

The créme of Caribbean journalistic and communications training is of course CARIMAC.

No matter where you choose to study the bible for PR is Effective Public Relations by Cutlip, Center and Broom. The book is now at its 9th Edition but it has no rivals in terms of the thoroughness of its content.

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