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Call for Exhibitors for Diabetes Global Village

Barbados has one of the highest rates of Diabetes globally and nearly everyday someone has an amputation related to diabetes.#160#160 It is for this reason that the Barbados Diabetes Foundation has renewed its efforts to put the disease high on the public#8217s agenda and is calling on the private sector to get on board in the fight against this remorseless disease, through exhibiting at the 3rd annual Global Village Expo.#160


The Global Village Expo is slated for Friday, November 13 and Saturday 14, 2009 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation Simone McConnie said that the Foundation and the Diabetes Association of Barbados were very pleased with the support for the Diabetes Global Village Expo thus far but would like to get as many companies as possible on board to really make a more global impact.#160#160 "Diabetes is largely a lifestyle disease. The object of the expo is to show the public the most effective ways to cope with the disease in order to avoid its devastating complications. Diabetics, like their non-diabetic counterparts have need of insurance, banks, hotels, restaurants, food, beauty care etc. We are therefore hoping that all individuals and companies with wholesome products will come out and exhibit them. Indeed our invitation is not just to pharmaceutical companies, but to all those who have appropriate products and services to offer."

Mc Connie said that it is estimated that by 2025, 1 in every 5 adult Barbadians will be diabetic if we do not change our lifestyles and it is therefore incumbent on all Barbadians to play a role in reversing this trend. She said that the Foundation was also hoping that other health NGOs such as the Kidney Association, and Heart and Stroke of Foundation of Barbados would come on board and exhibit at the Global Village since diabetics often suffer from complications relating to these other diseases.

Some of the exhibition categories for the Global Village Expo include: Health and Beauty, Pharmaceuticals, Exercise and Fitness, Food and Nutrition, Herbal Alternatives, Lifestyles, and Literature/CD/DVD Materials.

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