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Are you busted?

I have always been pretty busty. From age 9 I was already in a bra and it seemed to me as if each year my breast grew larger and larger. During Secondary School I had to face the fact that my breasts were an unusual size for my age, which made me refrain from participating in any sporting exercise. As I got older my breasts always became an issue when it came to wearing certain clothes - paying high prices for one shirt. There was also the issue of occasional pains in my back and my breasts.

Recently, I read about the Barbados Cancer Society’s Breast Screening Programme. It shocked me when I found out that such a small country had 200 new cases in 2010 showing an increase in young women in their 30s and early 40s being diagnosed. Statistics in Barbados further show that approximately 50 people die yearly as a result of Breast Cancer.

The Breast Screening Programme offers early detection programs, designed in the hope of preventing death from the disease. The doctors carry out mammograms and breast ultrasounds at the clinic for a small cost.

From my observation, I find that women in Barbados are naturally busty and many of them have never had their breasts examined professionally as it seems to me that they believe it cannot happen to them, that they will never have Breast Cancer.

No cancer should be taken lightly as cancer cells are present in all of us.

Businesses too can play a role in creating Breast Cancer awareness through educational programs, personal instruction on breast self-examination, setting up educational seminars with nurses from Cancer Centers, posting bulletins, distributing newsletters and scheduling in-office screenings at regular intervals throughout the year.

Congratulations to the Barbados Breast Screening Programme on the tremendous work they are doing on the island. As they celebrate their 10th Anniversary this week, we encourage all women to have their breasts examined and to come out to the events that have been planned. We especially would like you to remember to wear PINK on Friday and come out to the Extravaganza and Walk on Saturday at the Garrison Savannah.

Remember: Early detection is the best protection!

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