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Synchronised Swimming Showcases for Independence

Posted by admin admin on Dec 12, 2016 4:21:56 AM

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Synchro Barbados proudly opened the Powerade BOA Independence Short Course Nationals last night at the Barbados Aquatic Centre with fourteen talented synchronised swimmers showcasing their varying skill sets, ranging from beginner all the way to the competitive level.Team members wore specially-made Independence-themed costumes and swimming caps to perform a 100% Bajan routine to local artists Grynner and Rihanna to pay their respects to the island’s 50th Year of Independence, and to the BOA’s Independence Games.

Tony Selby, President of the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association (BASA), said their synchronised swimming showcase was an important step in trying to revive and further develop the sport in Barbados. Tanya Foster, Executive Member of Synchro Barbados, echoed these sentiments. “We are really pushing to highlight synchronised swimming and bring it back to the forefront in Barbados. We also wanted to pay tribute to our nation’s Independence milestone by participating in the BOA’s Independence Games, as well as try to encourage more women and girls into sport as an important tool for physical, social, and emotional development. We have a wonderful group of young ladies who represent synchro as well as dedicated coaches who are all committed to growing the sport throughout the Caribbean,” she said.

Synchronised swimmers train at the Barbados Aquatic Centre under BASA which is the governing body for swimming, water polo, and synchronised swimming in Barbados. The new term for synchronised swimming starts in January 2017 and the end of year show ‘Summer Splash’ is scheduled for June 2017. For more information, contact synchrobarbados@gmail.com or visit BASA’s website at https://www.swimbarbados.com/.  

Team members in the Independence synchronised swimming presentation included:

Star Level 1 & 2
Dicyrah Collymore
Dicoreya Collymore
Helena Flindt
Olivia Flindt
Cassia Fortier
Kate Haslett (absent)
Jordan Walcott

Star Level 3 - 7
Samaiyah Forde
Gracie Foster
Kenya Franklin
Summer Franklin
Sienna Gollop
Erika Loustric
Hailey Mahy
Nia Morris (absent)
Eden Trotman



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