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"Lucky" Corey Wins Free Motor Vehicle Insurance

Posted by admin admin on Jan 15, 2016 12:34:22 PM

Karla Yearwood of CGI presenting Corey Walters with his prize

Here, Corey Walters, accepts his prize from a beaming Karla Yearwood, CGI’s customer service representative (marketing). 
HE HAS BEEN told how “lucky” he is but young Corey Walters never tried his luck at anything until around November, when he entered the CGI Consumer’s Guarantee Insurance Co. Ltd. (CGI) Win Free Insurance Promotion on the social media network, Facebook.
Three weeks later, Corey got a call informing him that he had won free motor insurance for one year. “I felt great because I had never won anything,” said the 33-year-old auto mechanic whose home and vehicle have been insured with CGI for the past three years.
“I get good service here, and good rates,” added Corey as he turned up, flashing a wide smile, at CGI’s Warrens office.
“Everybody tells me I’m lucky and that I should play the lottery, but I never did. I only took part in the CGI competition on the advice of a friend,” explained the mechanic, who resides at Lodge Hill, St. Michael.

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