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CGI Announces 2nd Winner of the ‘Win Free Insurance Promotion’

Posted by admin admin on Jun 8, 2015 12:43:42 PM

2nd Winner of CGI 'Win Free Insurance'
Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Co. Limited (CGI) yesterday announced the second lucky winner of its ‘Win Free Insurance Promotion’ at the CGI Head Office in Warrens.
The winner, Veronica Powell of Christ Church, said that couldn’t believe she’d won the competition and was thrilled to receive her prize of free home insurance for a year from Dwayne Holder, CGI’s Operations/Underwriting Manager.  
Powell, who was born in England of Bajan parents, has been living in Barbados for the past six years. She said she was in total disbelief when she received the call informing her she’d won. “When I got the call to say I was the winner, I said ‘noooooo’! I thought someone was pulling my leg, but it was real. I think I’ll be entering more competitions from now on!” she laughed.
She further went on to explain that she was not a current CGI customer.  “My house insurance was up for renewal and I was shopping around for new insurers. I wasn’t a CGI customer, but I saw their competition and just thought I’d take a chance. I never thought I’d actually win.”
Competition winners are drawn fortnightly and receive either one year’s free CGI home or car insurance. A bonus to the competition is that the insurance policy prize is valid for up to one year, if winners are not in a position to immediately redeem their prize.
The competition started on May 4, 2015. To enter, eligible customers can go online and fill out the entry form on the CGI website at www.insurecgi.com.  

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