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Barbados Diabetes Association announces Global Village

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Jun 18, 2008 10:44:26 AM

Press Release/ PRMR Inc. /June, 18, 2008

Chairman of The Barbados Diabetes Foundation, Dr. Oscar
Jordan recently announced that the Foundation will be hosting the Exhibition
“Global Village” again this year in collaboration with the Diabetes Association of Barbados and The Lion’s Club of Bridgetown. 
It is scheduled for the Sherbourne Conference Centre on Thursday,
November 13 and Friday, 14.

said that his five year old organization launched the inaugural Global Village
last year as it saw the need to add its voice in a more public way to the needs
of the diabetic and to the attention given to the disease.  “Diabetes affects nearly every household in Barbados,
and attracts a large expenditure to the over all health bill with our
increasing amputee rate and long stay at Queen Elizabeth hospital” .  In most cases these are older persons so
their plight is overlooked and this also increases the mortality rate for
diabetes as persons loose their will to live without having all their limbs.

Diabetes however is no longer an old person’s disease.  The well publicised pregnancy of media
personality, Suzanne Prescod demonstrates that diabetes can potentially affect us as early as
in our mother’s womb.  Diabetes in
children is becoming so common place that the International Diabetes Federation
has extended last year’s focus on children to this year.  The Diabetes Foundation will thus be again
having children at the heart of this year’s Global Village theme.”

Podiatrist, Simone Lorde McConnie and diabetes specialist
Dr. Carlisle Goddard is leading the
team organising the event.  The
Foundation has again contracted the PR consultants PRMR Inc. to do the
promotion and management of the event.  The
event is expected to be even bigger this year and will be packed with a number
of interesting features and activities, not only for the diabetic but for the
entire family.

The milestone electronic billboard placed in Heroes Square last
year with short messages on diabetes will again be installed.   Companies,
organizations and individuals therefore have a number of opportunities to show
their support for diabetes either through sponsoring, exhibiting, advertising
on the billboard or visiting the exhibition.

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