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Terra Caribbean Waterhall Polo Final

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Mar 19, 2008 9:00:44 AM

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Winning Waterhall Polo Team

Waterhall Polo Club completed an emphatic 9 - 3 1/2 victory over Rugby in the final of the three point Terrra Caribbean Cup which included the Argentine Team Tortugas.

Sir Charles, said that the series initially was just to be Waterhall and Tortugas however he decided to invited Jeff Evelyn to pull a team together since some of Evelyn’s players for the Williams Industries Series which starts on Sunday were already on the island. 

This moved proved to be very successful as it produced exceptionally good polo. Although the Tortugas team was knocked out in the early round, their three goal player Ricardo Strada said that they had an overall good time and that Barbados was one of the best places in the world to play polo. He said that the quality of play at Waterhall was very high and that the club would continue to improve with every visiting team. 


In the Terra Cup final Waterhall was again in excellent match form easily trouncing Rugby in a largely one-sided encounter. Jamie Dickson opened the scoring for Waterhall in the first chukka scoring his first of four goals from the Northern end. Brother Jamie looking in good match form scoring Waterhall’s second goal and finished the match with 2 goals. 


Teddy Williams exploded in the third chukka on Azafata, a nine year old Argentine mare, which won the best pony on show title. In reply Rugby managed just three goals which were all penalties scored by Chis Hyde. 


Waterhall comes up against their toughest opposition this weekend in the Williams Industries four corner tournament against Ochio Rios and the Australia team Custodian. All four of the Waterhall’s professionals, Luke Tomlinson, Mark Tomlinson, Tom Morley and Ed Hitchman, will be on the island for the series which will be a 16 and 17 goal tournament.