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Virgin Atlantic Waterhall Polo Club and Chester Uk

Press Release/Waterhall PoloPreview/  March 1, 2008/PRMR

The Waterhall Polo Club and Virgin Atlantic is again bringing a piece of English culture to polo today transforming the club house into a “genuine” English pub with pints, fish and chip and special live music from JJ& Brian. Off the field some lucky spectator will win a trip for two to London with tickets to the theatre and to football.

Waterhallconcludes their challenge against the visiting Chester (UK) team. The two teams are now tied one game a piece and today’s  game(Sunday, March 2) will be the series decider.

The Malcolm Borwick men were bent on revenging their slim one goal defeat last Sunday and the exciting six goal professional will be coming out today with all guns blazing. His performance should not be missed.

In Thursday’s game Chester defeated Virgin Atlantic Waterhall by a narrow .5 margin, 6.5 to 6 goals. Neil Dickson, playing for the visitors opened the scoring with one of his two goals, a lovely shot straight through the centre of the goal posts.  His brother, one of Waterhall’s
best, Jamie Dickson immediately answered with a goal for Virgin Atlantic.

Danny Atwell continuing his excellent form from Sunday, again top scored with 4 goals. There was some great team play between Philip Atwell and Teddy Williams, which resulted in a Williams’ goal. Williams’ moment was however short-lived when he had a spill in the closing seconds of the final chukka.  The Waterhall warrior however was quickly
back on his feet uninjured much to the delight of the hushed spectators who
immediate applaud him back on to his mount.

Malcolm “The Bod” Borwick, wowed the crowd with two goals for Chester, one of which was a tremendous 6-yard penalty. Teammates Richard Thomas and Ivan Rubinich played a supporting role contributing one goal each.

In the club game the Diamonds International team defeated Virgin Atlantic in a very competitive encounter. Brothers Pablo Casero and Juan Casero made some great team plays one of which resulted in Pablo opening the scoring for the afternoon.

Stephen Williams was also magical making some great defensive saves for his team throughout the game and was rewarded with two goals of his own. Team mate Stewart Gill scored the winning goal after having a spate of easy misses.

For Virgin Atlantic Craig Atwell and Richard Gooding made for some fierce competition; however it was Nico Roberts who scored the first goal for their side and then a quick and very impressive second from almost halfway up the field. After a lot of battering and some futile attempts George Gemmell scored his team’s third and final goal for the afternoon.

On the field today in the club game Diamond International’s Stewart Gill (-1), Stephen Williams (1), Pablo Casero (1) and Juan Casero (0) will take on Virgin Atlantic’s Craig Atwell (1), Richard Gooding (2), Nico Roberts (0) and George Gemmell (-1).

In the International match the Malcolm Borwick’s Chester team of Ivan Rubinich (4), Neil Dickson (2) and Richard Thomas (0) takes on The Virgin Atlantic Waterhall’s Danny Atwell (4), Teddy Williams (4), Jamie Dickson (4) and Philip Atwell (1).

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