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Press Release/Waterhall Polo Promotion

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Feb 20, 2008 11:59:00 AM

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There was fashion and sushi now it’s the kids turn at the Waterhall Polo Estate on Sunday. Sponsor Virgin Atlantic is placing the focus on the family for another spectacular promotion for the Waterhall Polo Club’s fourth match series against Chester, UK.

The evening promises to have something special for everyone. The die hard polo fans will get to see Malcom Borwick, England’s 6 goal professional in action against Waterhall stars, led by the prolific Jamie Dickinson.

Off the field one lucky spectator will win a grand Virgin Atlantic prize of a trip for four to London with tickets to the Chessington World of Adventure. There will also be other chances to win a number of top of the line Digicel telephones.

Virgin Atlantic will also be giving away a number of English treats including scones and Pimms cocktails. Players and spectators are expected to be at the Waterhall Club house well into the evening as DJ Fuzz will take over the mike at the end of the final chukka.

The kids will also have a blast. From pony rides and face painters to popcorn and candy apples, Polo at Waterhall on Sunday promises to be a colourful, fun-filled experience.