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It's All About the Brand

Posted by admin admin on May 21, 2012 1:37:13 PM

We are constantly bombarded by logos on a daily basis, from the moment you open your eyes and turn to look at your Quartz clock sitting on your Ikea side table. Look around where you are right now, how many logos can you count?

My name is Tahirah, I am the new Creative Director at PRMR Inc. and I hope to be an indelible asset to the company. This, my first blog is about Brand Awareness. It is simple, short and fun.

What is a brand anyway and why is there an awareness of it? A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers. Thank you Wikipedia for putting it so aptly for me.

Brand Awareness refers to a person’s ability to recall and recognize the brand and link it to the brand name, logo, slogans, colours and any other elements used. It is not only important to recognize the brand but recall it as well.

If people are aware of your brand, then your goods or services will always be up for consideration. There are 3 types of Brand Awareness:

Top-of-Mind Awareness describes what happens if a customer is asked to give a list of brands from a certain category. For example: List a number of healthy cereal brands. Does Kelloggs Special K pop right into your head? What about Sports Footware….hmmm Nike?

Aided Awareness occurs when a customer recognizes and recalls the brand only after reading the name or hearing it.

Strategic Awareness is what every competitor should be striving for, not only top-of-mind awareness but its unique qualities are identified as being better than the rest. This is also known as Unique Selling Point.

You’d be surprised as to what makes up the brand. The name of course, the logo, the tagline or catchphrase and the Graphic Design. But shapes as well play a part, for example the Coke Bottle shape. Colours do play a part as well. For instance yellow and purple are synonymous with which local Fast Food Restaurant chain? Sounds and music believe it or not can also be part of a brand. Sometimes I like to guess the commercials before it’s clear which company they’re from and one of the things that let’s me know the Target ones is the quirky, fun music they use. Scent is another element, for example Chanel No.5. Taste is another as KFC has trademarked their recipe of 11 herbs and spices. And movement is yet another with Lamborghini trademarking the upward movement of their doors, therefore one can only talk about having “Lambo doors” on their ride.

Here at PRMR Inc we are concerned not only about creating successful brands but also maintaining and improving them through research and implementation of great skill earned through years of experience.

Now, for a bit of fun! How well do you think you know your brands?

The attached image was taken from an iPhone app I downloaded recently called Logos Quiz. You can download this app or play the many games like it online.

See you next week! Same time, same place? ;)



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