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Public Relations


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Develops skills in public relations writing based on the conceptual information in current practice.

What you'll learn:

  • Develop proficiency in writing and formatting strategic communications (e.g., press releases, blogs, announcements etc.)
  • Improve writing mechanics including correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Strengthen critical thinking skills and the adherence to public relations professional codes of ethics
  • Apply conceptual knowledge to portfolio planning and design through assignments for real clients

Course Goal

In this class, you will further develop the conceptual information used by a public relations strategist, sharpen your writing skills, and become familiar with the major writing tools used by public relations practitioners.

Course Description

Writing is a significant aspect of public relations. My theory is that creativity and empathy are two more important aspects. Of course, this theory is open to rich, healthy, and respectful debate in my class. Public relations is a very practical field so expect writing about current events. If you are not in the habit of scanning the news daily, you need to start doing so now to keep up in class. As an incentive, we will have pop quizzes on daily news headlines.

The emphasis in this class is on clear and accurate writing. Please familiarize yourself with AP style as this is used for all assignments for which you will be graded. Weekly assignments are to be loaded on Canvas. You are expected to post your assignment and comment on two assignments posted by your peers. These comments will form 20% of your course grade. This exercise is geared toward collaborative learning. As you critique others’ assignments, give kudos and offer suggestions to others; it will help develop critical thinking skills and improve your writing.

Typically, we are more careful about our writing when we know it will be widely read. At the end of this course, you will have created a portfolio of your work for a real-life company of your choice. You can use this information as a communications asset.

Course Details:

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