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Public Relations


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Develops skills in strategic public relations management based on an analysis of current and historical case studies.

What you'll learn:

  • Strengthen conceptual thinking in the area of public relations.
  • Build understanding of how science is applied in public relations.
  • Develop proficiency in researching and creating strategic public relations plans.

Course Goal
In this class, you will further explore the skills needed to be an effective public relations practitioner. Ultimately you will learn from case history how to use research (company and stakeholder knowledge) to create and evaluate strategic public relations plans.

Course Overview

This course dissects public relations strategy in an effort to help you flex your creative muscle and think like a public relations strategist. You will use case studies, class readings and independent research to build your theoretical knowledge of public relations planning and team up in groups to get real-world experience on how to solve public relations problems.

Much like the real world, you will be given assignments that have to be completed in groups and on your own. You will also be expected to present some of your work before your peers and lead a class discussion. The emphasis of this course is on public relations strategy so you will be expected to keep up with your class readings to be able to discuss and analyze a range of communications solutions.

The teaching follows the structure of the assigned text closely and is delivered in four sections – formative research, strategy, tactics, and evaluation. Not all the readings will be discussed in class so please feel free to raise any topic not covered or contact me at the once or by email for any clarifications. The final major products of the course are a group strategic plan and a presentation.

Course Details:

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