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Barbados Port Inc. Congratulates Training Programme Graduates

Bridgetown, Barbados - Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) last week hosted a presentation ceremony to celebrate graduates of the Stevedore Level III Training Programme, a certification for supervisors within the shipping industry.

Nineteen men, from both the BPI and the Shipping Association of Barbados (SAB) received the dual qualification of ‘Stevedoring Operations Level III’ and ‘Essentials of Occupational Safety & Health Standards for Maritime Port Operations Level I’.

Jointly funded by BPI and the SAB, and given the full support of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), the intense training was conducted by the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI). Representatives from each of the supporting partners were present for the ceremony and the graduates were congratulated for their outstanding achievement.

Chief Executive Officer of Barbados Port Inc., David Jean-Marie, commended the graduates for their dedication and work ethic as he presented them with their certificates. “The BPI believes that the strength of our business lies within our human resources. We have a strong commitment to the continuous professional and personal development of our staff and we are extremely pleased to work with the SAB, CMI and the BWU on this initiative,” he said.

As part of the rigorous training programme, there was a special focus on occupational health and safety. For Emerson Alleyne, Executive Vice-President, SAB, and Member of Board of Directors, CMI, this was an integral component. He encouraged the graduates to utilise their new knowledge and skills to prevent work-related accidents. “I expect that as supervisors you will ensure that the right thing is done at all times and where you see junior staff going wrong it is your responsibility to put them right.”

Addressing the group, Osric Forrest, Director, School of Advanced Skills, CMI, highlighted the importance of ongoing professional training and development. “In the words of a Greek philosopher, training leads to excellence.” He praised the efforts of the BPI and the SAB in making the training available in Barbados and emphasized the significance of the qualification. “Stevedore Level III is one of the first structured programmes for stevedores anywhere in the world.”

Forrest urged the graduates to embrace their roles as pioneers and recognise that their actions moving forward will impact the productivity of the BPI, SAB and the Barbados economy. This was reinforced by Yvette Gibson, Senior Assistant, General Secretary, BWU, who stressed the Union’s unwavering support for any initiative that seeks to empower and motivate workers.