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Barbados Olympic Association Inc. Committed To Our Coaches

Bridgetown -- The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) is continuing its investment in the future of local sport by once again teaming up with the Coaching Association of Canada last week to host a Level 2 internationally-recognised National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) clinic at the BOA Headquarters in Wildey.
The clinic was held from 10-12 June and attended by 40 participants who previously completed their Level 1 Certification and were seeking to continue their certification to the next level. Participants included current and potential coaches, as well as Physical Education teachers – all in various stages of their coaching development.

In his opening remarks, BOA President Steve Stoute explained the purpose of hosting these kinds of clinics was to raise the standard of local coaching to ultimately create a better sporting infrastructure in Barbados. “Barbados needs to remain competitive on the international sports scene. By hosting sessions like these, and with the assistance of our Canadian Coaching Association partners, we hope to better equip our coaches to train our athletes so we can stay at the forefront of the international sporting community,” he said.

The clinic was overseen by the leadership of two experienced international instructors from the Coaching Association of Canada – Mr Neale Gillespie and Ms Laura Watson, who both work in the Canadian national sports system.


Mr Gillespie and Ms Watson both thanked the BOA and said the Coaching Association of Canada was excited to continue the long-standing partnership between Canada and Barbados. “We’ve had nothing but phenomenal feedback every time we’ve come over, and we really enjoy working with the Barbadian coaches. We can see there is a genuine dedication to improving the standard of sport here in Barbados – your commitment is outstanding,” they said.

Director of the National Olympic Academy Dave Farmer says the BOA is remaining focused on providing local coaches with a higher level of education in the field of Sports Sciences in order to improve our sporting performance in the international arena. “Realistically, we know that our athletes are only as good as our coaches. We recognise that by investing in our coaches now, it will translate to better performance results and reap significant benefits for the future of sport in Barbados”, he said.

The three day clinic involved both practical and theoretical participation, and included topics such as:

  • basic mental skills for athletes
  • managing conflict
  • designing a sports program
  • leading drug-free sport.
The NCCP Certification courses are open to those seeking an internationally-recognised coaching certification, and to pursue or further a career in sports coaching. For more information, please contact Dave Farmer at the National Olympic Academy on 429-1998.

Caption 1: Participants of National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level 2 Certification clinic held 10–12 June 2016.

Caption 2: Participants hard at work at the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level 2 Certification clinic over the weekend held at BOA Headquarters in Wildey.