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#WatchHungerStop - Raising Awareness in the Digital Age

PRMR Communications Consultants are participating in a month long campaign to raise awareness about global hunger. The #WatchHungerStop campaign is an initiative spearheaded by global luxury brand Michael Kors and this year social media played an integral role in spreading the word and raising awareness.

As we encourage everyone to get involved, use the hashtag #watchhungerstop and learn more about the cause, we thought it would be useful to look at how charities and philanthropic initiatives are utilizing social media to ignite movements.

In the digital age are we becoming more socially responsible and aware? In Barbados, as evident by the recent events to raise awareness of breast cancer and cervical cancer e.g. 'Champions in Pink' and the 'Walk to end Women's Cancers' there has definitely been a positive response to online campaigns. This is also the message we found in various articles on the web including this blog post: http://smdp.com/nonprofits-use-social-media-to-spread-message-raise-awareness/127012

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