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Arturo Tappin the 'Saxiest' Horn Man In the Caribbean

Arturo Tappin is indeed one of my favourite artists. We blogged earlier about Rihanna during the frenzy of her LOUD concert here in Barbados and of course you understand the extent of our pride and joy that she is doing so well. I could not have been more proud if she were my daughter. We will be working with Arturo Tappin for two upcoming events. The Barbados Port Inc’s Staff Awards this month and the Caribbean Shipping Association’s Conference in October.

“Arturo is definitely the smoothest, saxiest horn man the Caribbean has to offer.” Tappin is not only fine and talented but a gentleman true and true. This artist who has performed alongside greats like Roberta Flack and the late Luther Vandross is as down to earth and humble as they come. I think that he has lived well and understands the real secret to happiness – love and respect for others. I salute all the great Barbadian artists. We at PRMR Inc love and support you all.

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