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New onsite X-ray machine arrives at Bayview Hospital

Posted by admin admin on Dec 12, 2016 1:15:30 PM

 New X-ray machine at Bayview Hospital
Bridgetown – Bayview Hospital has purchased a new mobile digital X-ray imaging system to perform its own onsite X-rays and improve the range of services available at the Hospital.

The GE Healthcare Optima *XR220amx Mobile Digital Radiographic System will be used to undertake routine radiographic exams of the body within the Hospital when it is not safe or practical to move a patient to the external Radiographic room for an X-ray. The mobile unit also gives doctors practising at Bayview Hospital immediate access to medical reports and X-ray images, assisting them with quicker patient diagnosis and treatment.

Lynda Lewis, Assistant Hospital Administrator, says the addition of this new piece of equipment serves to further expand the quality of services offered by the Hospital. “We are extremely proud to announce that we will now be conducting onsite digital X-rays at Bayview. This is part of our continued effort to offer the very best standard of healthcare to our patients and to ensure that Bayview Hospital remains at the forefront of medical services in Barbados and within the broader Caribbean context,” she says.

Patients requiring this service will benefit from a decrease in waiting time for X-ray procedures, as well as avoid the inconvenience of having to be moved from the Hospital to the Radiographic facility, especially in an emergency situation or when patients are recovering from surgery. 

The new X-ray machine complements the Hospital’s purchase of its first GE Healthcare OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm surgical imaging machine late last year, which takes magnified images of bone and tissue during surgical procedures and now enables surgeons working at Bayview to operate on patients with more precision.

Bayview Hospital is a privately-owned and operated health facility delivering a high quality of medical care to Barbadian residents, our Caribbean neighbours, and visitors from further afield since 1989. The Hospital offers personalised medical services in a comfortable, stress-free environment, with its team of highly-trained staff providing a variety of medical specialities in keeping with international standards of healthcare.



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