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Latest Law Book To Launch In Barbados

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Jul 1, 2009 2:36:36 PM

Attorney at Law, Dr. Claude Denbow SC launched his latest book, Life Insurance Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean, on Friday June 19 in the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies

According to Dr. Denbow, the text provides #8220a comprehensive study of the English law of life insurance as it applies to the Commonwealth Caribbean. It deals with the relevance of the doctrines and terminologies adopted from other jurisdictions and provides a detailed overview of the many crucial issues of modern life insurance law.#8221

Now in its second edition, this work has been thoroughly updated and revised to take account of all relevant case law and legislative changes and developments in the field. The new book addresses topics including but not limited to the lapse and forfeiture of life policies, treatment of beneficiaries and insurable interest.#160

Barbados#160is the fourth island in which the book has been launched, following launches held in Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana.

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