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Caribbean Shipping Association Awards Monica Silvera Scholarship

Posted by admin admin on Mar 15, 2016 1:59:42 PM

Caribbean Shipping Association awards Monica Silver scholarship to 8 students of the Caribbean Maritime Institute

Caption: Michael Weetch, Director, BPI (right), presenting the Barbados plaque to Captain Andrea Catalani (left)

Kingston –- The Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) yesterday presented the Monica Silvera Scholarship to eight Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) students at the Pegasus Jamaica Hotel.  The scholarship, named in honour of the CSA’s first female Executive Vice President, is to fund their studies at the CMI.  
The Monica Silvera Scholarship was established in 2005 in recognition of her contribution to the development of the CSA, and its desire to provide outlets for youth to access real opportunities for specialised training in sector-related subject areas. 
The CSA President and CEO of Barbados Port Inc. David Jean-Marie in presenting the scholarships said that last year the CSA accommodated a record number of 228 trainees in various training programmes, some of which were facilitated and endorsed by the CMI. He said that the success of these courses demonstrates that the CSA is providing a highly demanded service.
“In keeping with its mission the CSA has a specific niche to fill in terms of creating the next generation of Caribbean maritime, port and logistics experts. The key to our transformation resides in our people, whose expertise is critical if the region is to consolidate its global position as the hub for major trade routes and tourism activities. We must continue to help define and clarify the changing world in which our members’ businesses operate by educating their people,” said Jean-Marie. 
Based on support from its members the CSA was able to grant eight scholarships, in the amount of USD$2500 each. The eight students were chosen on the basis of their high academic record, leadership traits and community involvement. 
Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, Jean-Marie urged the students to “be the change you want to see in the world. I implore you to take every opportunity you have and transform it into something great for yourselves, so that in return you will effect great change in our industry.”

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