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Call for Barbadians to get Active

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Feb 15, 2010 4:26:10 PM

In spite of the high number of persons on this island being diagnosed with chronic non-communicable diseases on an annual basis, almost half the adult population is engaged in low physical activity.

According to Dr. Kenneth George, Senior Medical Officer of Health with responsibility for chronic non-communicable diseases, this "shocking" fact was revealed in a recently conducted risk factor survey.

"We found that 45 per cent of males and 58 per cent of females are involved in low physical activity.#160 This means activity which does not lead to the burning of calories and does not lead to physical conditioning," he said suggesting that this did not bode well for the island of which#16064 per cent of the adult population was overweight.

He stressed that Barbadians could make small, important and healthy choices particularly regarding exercise, which would prove beneficial.

"It helps not only the prevention of chronic diseases, but it makes you feel better and prevents certain types of cancers, wards off cardiovascular disease, improves joint flexibilty and and enhances well being," he said.

"So we want to encourage Barbadians to do their part and try to put an exercise routine in their daily schedule and I am not necessarily speaking about the little exercise you do at work, but to take a specific time out especially in your leisure time; 20 to 30 minutes, three or four times a week, " he pointed out.

Admitting that the membership to fitness gyms across the island were costly, he said the Ministry of Health was actively engaged "in trying to get the cost of gym products down in Barbados in terms of tax rebates."

Nevertheless,#160Dr. Geroge reminded persons that #160exercising did not have to be a costly venture.

"The gym is not the only mode of burning calories...#160 The message is that exercising should be simple enjoyable and should not be costly for the avergae Barbadian," he said.

He was speaking during a press conference at Ilaro Court on last Thursday February 11, on the soon to be held "Get Moving Barbados Exercise Event".

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