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Bayview Hospital Gets New Ambulance Service

Posted by admin admin on Aug 30, 2014 7:22:46 PM

Bridgetown – Bayview Hospital has a new ambulance service operating from its premises from 8am to 8pm. The Hospital, which recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary, has partnered with Medic Response to dispatch a dedicated ambulance from its St. Paul’s Ave, Bayville facility.

This is the first time Bayview will be having this critical emergency service offered from its property.

Hospital Administrator, Winifred Edwards said that the new ambulance service was one of a number of upgrades ongoing at the Hospital since it changed ownership in March. “We are very pleased to have had a number of our rooms upgraded and work is still ongoing. Our maintenance assistant is going off to the UK shortly to continue his training in biomedical equipment maintenance. He is primarily responsible for the maintenance of all the medical equipment at the Hospital,” she said.

In terms of the ambulance service, Edwards said, “staff now have a new level of comfort because previously, they had to call around for an ambulance and sometimes one was not available for an hour or more. Patients can now receive immediate transport from the hospital to the airport, for tests at other locations or from and to their homes.”

Bayview’s policy is that a nurse accompanies all patients transported from the hospital to other facilities for tests. The three ambulances will be staffed by paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and can carry a doctor onboard as well.

The ambulances are outfitted with two beds, one with the ability for seating and another that allows patients to be fully supine to allow for advance airway clearance, two obstetric kits, burn kits, trauma dressing and other drugs. The ambulance will respond to both emergency and non-emergency calls.

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