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Religion Truly Social!

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Apr 23, 2012 1:00:54 PM
Pamala Proverbs

My blog post this week is more up Mariama’s street, she being a Christian, but when I stumbled on RD Magazine’s Blog Post on “Five Social Media Trends That are reshaping Religion,” I could not help but think about the meeting we had just last week with the PR Manager of the Barbados Port Inc., Freida Nicholls and her telling us that church is not the same without her ipad since she uses her Bible app in church, which she prefers to the physical bible.

Wherever you go now in churches, Reverends and Pastors are using tablets to deliver their messages. The Reverend at the Christ Church Parish Church, Canon Noel Burke has taken this even further by being a regular on twitter - very revolutionary for an Anglican priest. His status reads: “I love God, my family, technology and Coffee”.

One cannot help but think however that Social Media is a natural fit for religion. Back in the day when there weren’t so many reggae parties, concerts and nightclubs, church was the popular form of socializing. Great that the leaders are recognizing that they have to take the “church” where ever their people are gathering even on the Internet. In media school we were thought that the “medium is the message”. Even the older persons are getting into the social networks. My 50-year-old sister bought her first computer only last year and the first thing she did, “with much coaching” was to set up a Facebook account. I would say that the churches that get in early are definitely on the right track.

Normally I would have given you the five trends as described by RD Magazine but they are up for a Weby award, so go read their blog and show them some appreciation by voting for them!

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