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Of Planes and Service

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Mar 22, 2012 11:52:56 AM
Pamala Proverbs

I could not help but jump all over this “I love JetBlue -- Customer Service Done Right” story in Forbes, especially after Mariama brought up the topic of customer service in her blog last week. Being a bit of a flight snob myself, Jet Blue never appealed to me because there is no business class service. The current economic climate however forced me to revaluate how I spend my money and since the back and front of the plane arrives at the same time, I made the decision that flying first/business class was one of those non-essential luxuries that could be cut.

In 2010, when I packed my bags and headed off to Vancouver to pursue my ABC accreditation I decided to give Jet Blue a try - The wonderful equalizer plane that has everyone on the same level.

As a low-cost carrier I expected the worst but my experience was fantastic. The stewards both male and female made me feel first class. A true testimony that you don’t have to go to the Ritz Carlton to have the ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen, treatment.

On the other hand there are a couple of instances when I flew on established carriers business class with second-rate service. Thumbs up then to JetBlue – customer carrier of the week.

We badly need their services in the region with RetJet grounded in a public relations nightmarish way, and LIAT and Caribbean Airways continuing with their dubious service.

With RedJet grounded the flights have already gone up. At 10am yesterday a Caribbean Airways return flight, Trinidad to Barbados, was $594.50; by 2pm it was $702.60 At least if we are to pay these exorbitant rates for half hour flights then some great service should be attached.

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