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Can A Politician Be Over Exposed

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Nov 29, 1999 12:25:47 PM
Pamala Proverbs

As a little girl I remember hearing a family story were my brother as a very young child would repeat the slogan "Hopping and Lowe, 3 and 4 ". It was a Democratic Labour Party Slogan back in the 60's for the St. George Candidates Air Hopping and Somebody Lowe (wasn't even born this is a second hand story but I am sure you get the drift). My mom is a die hard D. She does not hide this fact even when the Ds were in the doldrums she would be tooting her loyalty.

It was to my astonishment then that I heard her one night watching the news say over and over Esther Byer Suckoo is a like a lamp lighter. Esther Byer Suckoo is like a lamp lighter. Not being around in the lamp lighter days I had not a clue what the old lady meant so I said to her Mom what ever do you mean? She replied that her mother use to says the only person who is everywhere is the lamp lighter.

Beep! Beeeep! Flash lights! Flash Lights! - clearly when ordinary persons are commenting on your media exposure you are definitely over exposed. Byer-Suckoo who started her ministerial term as the media darling is certainly starting to fall out of favour. Our local/international propaganda blog also just placed a condom on her head over the prison issue. This is sure to get Barbados' Internet class tongue wagging.

My free advice to the lady and all politicians is that you have to temper your exposure to the media. You must be seen to be doing serious business not at every frivolous dog fight. When you step into the lime light people should pay attention. You devalue yourself through over exposure. Media appearances should be planned to meet a set objective. Use the media rather than be used by the media.

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