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Perception Versus Reality

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Mar 13, 2008 11:05:00 PM
Pamala Proverbs

In the PR business "perception is reality". I am not one to enter into political debates but the perception is that in Barbados when the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is in power that the money interests move their business and money outside of the country which eventually topples the government. Why? Because the "perception" is that the DLP is the poor man's party and that they focus on social reform and people empowerment and do not put incentives in place for the wealthy as do the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) (or so it is presumed). Kind of the same perception that exists in the US with the Republicans and Democrats.

Anyone who watched the 1991 comedy "King Ralph" would have gotten the serious message that it is the creation of jobs that is most important to a successful government. The recent spate of industrial unrest and firings seem to be testing this theory. Can the young government not even quite three months old withstand the pressure already coming from the business sector? Today on the back page of the Nation Newspaper appeared the most ridiculous attempt at pressure thus far. Lionel C. Hill who from perception should be happy to see a DLP government in power because now poor people (perception again) would be able to buy his low-end supermarket brands, is threating to send home 17 persons who (perception again) would have served him loyally. He is sending them home because he had written the less than three months government over a month ago requesting the removal of import duties on bulk rice and has not had a response and his attempts to contact the Minister responsible, George Hutson was futile.

Question 1. Why did Mr. Hill not appeal to the previous government who only dropped duties on packaged rice. Perception again - who buys package rice- the wealthy business interests who stay or exit with the BLP. Hey I must plead guilty to benefiting here because I love my Uncle Ben.

Question 2. Why did Mr. Hill not give the previous government a seven day ultimatum and threaten to put seventeen persons on the bread line? Perception - because he respected the previous administration.

The lesson here is that every company, government, public person or institution needs a good pr professional to manage their reputation, image and perception. The big three human indicators that I have coned RIP. If you do not manage your RIP then someone will rip you to threads. The new government obviously has to get cracking on theirs before the negative messages and stories become so wide spread that they become accepted as truths.

This story is true to me even if it is just a perception.

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