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How To Make Google AdWords Work For Your Business


As a company we prefer to focus on generating traffic and leads through inbound marketing because it builds long term value at a lower cost than advertising.  However, there is no doubt that there is a place for using online Ads for building traffic and leads for your business. According to Moz over 80% of search results now contains AdWords Ad placements. This shows that many companies and thus many of your competitors are using Google Adwords for their online campaigns.

Google AdWords is a great tool if you are launching a new product/service or promoting an upcoming workshop/seminar or event for your business. Here are three ways to make Google AdWords work for your business.

Ensure Customers Have A Good Website Experience

Your Adwords Ad may have been fantastic in terms of its graphic design and copy but if your website loads painfully slowly then all of your hard work and marketing spend could be undermined. In addition having a website that flows logically and is easy for visitors to find the content they need will increase the likelihood of them becoming a customer.  

If you are directing your visitors to a landing page on your website which ideally you should be doing then using a service like Hubspot is recommended.  

Be Ready To Take Advantage Of Increased Leads And Traffic

There is not much point in spending money advertising your brand and then you are unable to convert this into business because you can’t deal with the increased website traffic and leads.

To avoid this, have a plan in place to deal with the increased new sign-ups. You will want to contact new customers within one business day and within 1-3 hours if at all possible. In addition if interested potential customers are submitting questions via email or livechat you will want to make sure you have the staff to deal with this.

Lower Your Marketing Costs

It is a fact that online advertising is more cost effective than mainstream advertising.  Also, using Google Adwords gives you a definitive picture of how persons are engaging with your online ads that is not readily available through traditional advertising. Having specific numbers allows your team to reposition your marketing campaign midstream or to learn from previous campaigns with more confidence.

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