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Public Relations Considerations For Planning A National Anniversary Celebration In Barbados

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Risk Management Events

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Be Happy!

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Business Ethics: Where Do You Draw the Line? cont'd

Business Ethics: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Making Lists Key To Success

Dreams and Aspirations


Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Respect Where Its Due

Wendy’s New Pigtails


Leading the IABC Accreditation Completion Program in Barbados

Blues & Moods

For the love of it!

Change and the Organization

Tweeting and Responsible Sporting

Are You Listening??

Training and Development

Diabetes Today Magazine Summer 2012 Hot Off the Press

BIA Launches FCAA Biennale Conference

Of Joe Paterno, Living Legends and Doing the Right Thing

IABC Barbados Appoints New Board

Corporate Citizenry

The Office Administrator

Promoting health in the workplace

I Protest. We are Creative!

Are you busted?

Of Publics, Perception and Reality Cont’d

Of Publics, Perception and Reality

PR for Public Relations

A New Vision

Of Monopolies and Consumer Woes

Dr. Marketing: The Case of Dr Alfred Sparman

Religion Truly Social!

The Power of Facebook

Public Relations Jobs Among The Most Stressful

Goodbye to Adrian Randall!

Nuff Things Happening At IABC Barbados – Professional Development

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Whither communications

Good Going Senator Kerry-Ann IFill

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Never Say "No Comment!"

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Green Public Relations

Blogging Is For Everyone

PRMR Inc. Sponsors IABC Southern Region Conference

IABC Barbados Has A New Board

PR Practioners Don't Think Up Stories: My Response to Mail Online Story

Local Communications Professional Earns International Accreditation

The Importance of Communications

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Be Remarkable

No Time To Blog

IABC Barbados Launch

IABC Barbados Launch Invitation

Barbados - IABC's Newest Developmental Chapter

The Press Release and The Press Conference- Tools and Tactics

Barbados' Business Communicators Board 2008

Hello IABC

Barbados' PR Professionals to Form local Association

A New PR Chapter In Barbados

The Barbados Polo Odyssey

Green PR and CSR by Pam Proverbs edited by Jane Brome

Perception Versus Reality

Social Media Penetrating Popular Culture

PR Landscape

Cheryl Procter-Rogers Launches PRMR

PRMR Official Launch Video

Waterhall Polo A Fine Outing

PRMR Inc. se presenta oficialmente en Josef's Restaurant

Event Planning

Writing A Good Press Release

Public Relations Vs Marketing VS Event Planning

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