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Benefits Of Outsourcing Communications

It is fantastic how our point-of-view changes based on our vantage point.  When I worked in corporate, I thought consultants had it easy, no clock to punch and can send an invoice for all work done.  I was usually looking at the perceived benefit the individual was gaining versus what they brought to the table, a wealth of experience and an outsider’s view at the fraction of the cost of another employee.

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Best Practices For Engaging Your Community


Community engagement are two words that often polarise PR professionals.  For some, it is a fresh and inclusive way to communicate with the public – a great new challenge. For others, it’s a Pandora’s Box threatening the very core of traditional ‘one-way’ communications – and added hard work to our (already busy) schedules. Nevertheless, love it or loathe it, community engagement is here to stay.

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Six Signs That You Have Internal Communications Problems


Ongoing strategic internal communications and positive employee relationships are crucial to achieving any organisation’s mission and vision.

It’s important that top and supervisory management encourage employees to participate in the organisation’s activities by offering a consistent diet of company information. However, what is more commonly observed and one of the biggest challenges to business productivity, is a lack of an internal communications strategy.
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Rethinking Your Internal And External Communications Strategy

As a public relations practitioner who lives in Barbados, a country in which tourism is its primary industry, I am often questioned by my international colleagues at conferences about my tourism industry clients.  By this, they predominantly mean hotels.  Up to the time of my writing this blog we at PRMR Inc. have not had one hotel as a client and the reason for this became quite clear this week when I approached a senior executive from a West Coast Hotel about offering his company our services, his immediate response to me was that his company does not really do any marketing and public relations on the island since it targets overseas tourists to fill the hotel. My immediate response was what about your staff?  He was dumbstruck. 

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