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Tristan Alleyne Barbados PR

Tristan Alleyne Digital Media Specialist

Tristan Alleyne is an interdisciplinary artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Barbados Community College. Tristan’s love of art first began with cartoons and Japanese animation, which eventually led him to select it as his professional career path.

He brings his solid graphic design skills to the creation of much of our clients’ artwork such as Facebook banners, brochures, newsletters, and advertising materials. Tristan also ensures all online content is published through a variety of mediums of to suit our clients’ individual needs.

In 2014, Tristan was the lead graphic designer for the ‘Twilight - Behind the Curtain’ multi-arts production at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination. He has also contributed to the design of several murals around the island such as at the St. Boniface Nursery School.

In his spare time, Tristan is never too far away from the arts, participating in art shows island-wide and volunteering his services with Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc.