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Tia Headley PR Barbados

Tia Headley Social Media Specialist

Tia Headley joins the PRMR Inc. team as our resident intern. Tia has previous experience in event planning and coordination, and has also been a part of the event conceptualisation process from start to finish.

At PRMR Inc., Tia provides valuable creative ideas to our event planning processes as well as assists with our office administration, social media planning for clients, and media scanning for PR opportunities. Currently studying a Bachelors in Arts and Entertainment Management at the Barbados Community College, Tia has hopes of combining her passion for event planning and management with attending law school to become an entertainment lawyer. She aims to graduate in her final year with honours and eventually open up her own entertainment law firm.

When she’s not studying or interning with PRMR Inc., Tia volunteers with the Variety Children’s Charity, enjoys going to the beach, and socialising with her friends.