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PRMR Official Launch

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Feb 7, 2008 3:05:15 PM

Bridgetown, Barbados February 14,
2008/PRMR Inc. Launches Officially At Josef’s

Barbados’ newest Public Relations
firm launched officially on Tuesday night, February 12, at
Josef’s Restaurant. PRMR Inc. is a full service public
relations firm, established in 2007 by leading Barbadian
communications professional, Pamala Proverbs.

The launch was formally blessed by pastor-
in- training Mark Hill who prayed for the company’s success.
His blessing was followed by a short speech from Dr. Emanuela
Todeva, Pam’s mentor, friend and business partner, who flew
in from London just for the occasion. Immediately after
Todeva’s speech, founder Pamala Proverbs spoke, reminiscing
of former work assignments and explaining how she had turned
“every job into a PR job”. She went on to thank family
and friends for their love and support throughout the years and
gave special thanks to all members of the company’s advisory
panel: Peter Harris, Rawle Brancker, David Shorey and Ralph
‘Bizzy’ Williams.

Special guest speaker for the night was
Cheryl Procter- Rogers, president and owner of A STEP AHEAD PUBLIC
RELATIONS agency in Los Angeles, CA. and past president of Public
Relation Society of America.

Business persons from all over the island
were in attendance and enjoyed the relaxed, elegant atmosphere
which was punctuated by the melody of sweet steel pan music.
Champagne flowed and mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres were

A wide cross section of the media was in

For more information contact Pamala or
Ishanti 438-7592.

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