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Glucosamine Important for Healthy Joints

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on May 15, 2008 10:17:30 AM

May 15, 2008/Bell Pottinger USA

Apart from the celebration of mothers, the month of May
is being highlighted around the world for the treatment and prevention of
arthritis.  This may be coincidental, but
the fact is that the two marry well together as women are prone to arthritis
and losing their bone density as they age.

In a typical lifetime our joints carry us more than three
and a half times around the world.  Unfortunately, because of the
repetitive use of the joints in daily activities, they are susceptible to joint
conditions such as osteoarthritis.1 

A new study, derived from an eight-year observation of
patients from two previous randomized, placebo-controlled trials, has been
recently published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage.  The objective was to
assess the incidence of Total Joint Replacement during the long-term follow-up
of patients with knee osteoarthritis formerly receiving treatment with
glucosamine sulphate or placebo.  The results show glucosamine treatment
significantly slows and may even prevent total joint replacement.

Local Sports Medicine Specialist and family practitioner
Dr. Llewellyn Harper said that earlier studies in the Journal of the American
Medicine Association
and the New England Medical Journal also indicated that
glucosamine given on its own or in combination with Omega-3 for example has
significant benefits to persons suffering with arthritis especially in severe
cases and this is the population in which joint replacement is targeted. 

He said that most times doctors are skeptical about
herbals and supplements since their efficacy, and safety in most instances have
not been proven.  “Doctors around the
world however prescribed glucosamine because it has been scientifically tested
and proven to be safe and effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis with no
long term side effects.  Glucosamine
should be used as prescribed and bought from a reputable brand like Seven Seas.  Many of the others just have traces of Glucosamine
and not the therapeutic dose to be effective.” 
He added that person who may be allergic to shell fish may have to take
precaution however since this is where Glucosamine is derived.

Long-chain Omega-3 is found almost exclusively in oily
fish. Omega-3 is particularly beneficial throughout all stages of life and is
used in a variety of body functions. Together, glucosamine and Omega-3 work in
synergy to help maintain the health and flexibility of the joints.
Osteoarthritis is no longer a disease of old age, it begins in our 30’s, 20’s
or younger.

[1] O Bruyere, K Pavelka, L C Rovati, et al. Total joint
replacement after glucosamine sulphate treatment in knee osteoarthritis: result
of a mean 8-year observation of patients from two previous 3-year, randomised,
placebo-controlled trials. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 2008;

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