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Diabetes Association stepping up Outreach to Children

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Jul 25, 2008 8:56:36 AM

The Diabetes Association of Barbados has stepped up its campaign
to bring about an awareness of diabetes, especially for local children.   Following the International Diabetes
Federation declaring the focus on children for two years straight, the
Association has examined its projects and has enhanced its educational
programmes.  According to President of
the Association, John Grace “education is the corner stone of any movement for
change” therefore this is where his Association has placed this year’s

He also stressed
that education on lifestyle choices is very essential to decreasing the
incidence of type 2 diabetes in childhood.
This epidemic primarily results from increases in childhood obesity
in our society. In tackling the epidemic,
the Diabetes Association has piloted a number of projects leading up to
Diabetes Awareness Month in November, some of which included visits to Nursery
Schools to set-up home garden centres and visits to Secondary Schools to
promote diabetes prevention.  The
Association is expanding its Poster and Poetry competition in Primary Schools.  It is also continuing its screening programme
and is expecting to exceed last year’s impressive record of attending 138 health
fairs and screening 6527 persons.The Association promises
a strong presence at the 2nd Annual Diabetes Global Village Expo to
be held this November at the Sherbourne Conference Centre.  The Expo is said to have heighten diabetes
awareness and better self management to minimise the risk of complications.


The Association
will also be continuing its one week summer camp for diabetic children ages 8 -16
years old.
This will be held at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Hall from August 10 – 16, from 9am to 4pm. 
The registration deadline is July 30, 2008.




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