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The team at PRMR Inc. are certified inbound marketers who are skilled at creating quality content
to attract, and delight, your customers. We publish the right content in the right place at the right time to
ensure that your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers. We optimize your website through the
creation of landing pages and calls-to-action to convert visitors into leads, leads into customers
and customers into promoters.

The Inbound Process

Step One: Attract Visitors

We recognise that social media has thrown traditional means of communicating with customers into a tailspin. As a result we embrace all forms of communications technology and use them to benefit our customers. From Facebook to Twitter and popular online blogs, we create campaigns that deliver messages targeted and succinctly.

We can customise online media strategies for businesses of all sizes. Getting online media placement can significantly boost the organic search rankings of your website. One inbound link from a high-powered media site can exceed the value of hundreds of links from directories and reciprocal links.

PRMR Inc., provides all the services necessary for getting your site live. From researching, writing, and designing the site to managing your content after the site is launched. We also provide competitive domain names and secure webhosting services. We are resellers of domains with the following extensions: .BIZ , .COM, .INFO, .MOBI, .NAME , .NET , .ORG , .PRO , .TEL, .CO.

Step Two: Convert to Leads

We can assist you with raising the awareness of your company, its products, and its services with customers and business partners.

Our creative team works daily to place strategic stories in a wide array of markets and sectors.

Whether the goal is to introduce a new product or service, increase web traffic, or launch a new campaign we are a PR agency that understands our clients’ business models and how to generate measurable results.




Step Three: Turn Leads into Customers

At PRMR Inc. our clients trust us to create and implement creative and customized public relations programmes designed to achieve their specific business goals and objectives. We use a variety of media to create and maintain the public image of our clients.

We provide media relations’ services for established and emerging companies to help them identify, measure and better manage public relations. We help companies receive positive publicity in the media that best reaches their target audiences.


Step Four: Delight Customers

Communications campaigns require in-depth planning as well as specific qualitative and quantitative goals to attain positive results.

Strategic communications planning acts as a roadmap to take your company where it should go. PRMR Inc. can work with your firm to develop a comprehensive communications strategy that is tailored to your company’s overall mission and vision. We provide planning services for individual organisations and businesses to create sound and successful strategies. The quality of your strategic planning is directly correlated to your results — the better the planning and creative thinking the better the outcome.





Join the Inbound Marketing movement and enjoy the benefits.