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Emanuela Todeva Barbados PR

Dr. Emanuela Todeva Consultant

Dr. Emanuela Todeva, Ph.D. (Sociology) is the Co-Founder of PRMR Inc. and a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and International Business at the University of Surrey in the UK.

Her recent research is focused on international business networks and business clusters, cooperative business strategies and alliances, industrial analysis of the global information sector, privatisation, foreign direct investment and the restructuring of business networks in the transition economies in Central and Eastern Europe.She has also researched developments in China and undertaken comparative research on economic clusters and business networks.

Currently she is leading an international research team on "Clusters, Networks and Regional Economic Development", and is also coordinating projects for the Business Intelligence Team at the South-East Health Technology Alliance. She is acting as International Business Developer for the South East of England in liaison with the Emilia Romagna in Italy.