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Williams Industries Waterhall Polo Club Match Series

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Mar 21, 2008 7:42:52 AM

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Waterhall Polo Club starts their biggest tournament for the season on Saturday, The Williams Industries four team match series. The tournament is to be played over four days finishing next Sunday, March 30.IMG_0564

Patron of Waterhall Sir Charles Williams said that this will be the tournament of all tournaments as it will have the highest goal handicap of all the matches played in Barbados this season – 16 goals. 

The Aussies team, Custodian, are in the house and they bring with them the usual Australian competitiveness. Patron of the team, John Fitzgerald (1 goal) brought along two professionals on his team Craig Wilson (6 goals) and Mark Tomlinson (7 goals). The other player is Trent Walden (1 goal).

The other touring side is one goaler Simon Holley's Ocho Rios team from the UK. His professionals are Chris Hyde (6 goals), Johnny Good (5 goals) and Sebastian Dawnay (4 goals

The Apes Hill professionals are on the island for this the grand master of tournaments. They will be playing alongside the other Waterhall players to form two Waterhall sides. The first team playing under the Williams Industries banner includes Danny Atwell (4 goals), Jack Kid (4 goals) Tom Moreley (5 goals) and Richard Gooding (2 goals). The other players representing Apes Hill are Luke Tomlinson (7 goals), Jamie Dickson (4 goals), Ed Hitchman (3 goals), and Sir Charles Williams (1 goal).