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Warrens Healthcare Complex Officially Opens

Posted by Pamala Proverbs on Mar 5, 2012 10:20:00 AM

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The new Warren Healthcare Complex, launched on Friday March 2 is on par with any healthcare facility anywhere in the world.

So says Dr. Kwame Connell, chief gastroenterologist at the Connell Clinics. Speaking on behalf of the directors of the Warrens Healthcare Complex, Connell told the well turned out audience that “while the clinics within this complex all offer unique services, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to deliver superior patient care, it was equally important to us that this complex maintain a high level of service delivery.” He further stated that the “complex represents a significant contribution to the island’s healthcare sector presenting patients with an alternative and thereby helping to alleviate some of the pressure placed on the public healthcare system.”

Minister of Health, Donville Inniss commended the directors of the Complex in his featured address stating that the government welcomed more entrepreneurial ventures in health. “ The state cannot provide all services to all residents and hence it is my considered opinion that we must encourage the private sector to provide services which may or may not be provided in the public sector – without compromising of the service levels within the public sector. Government must continue to provide an enabling environment that allows private sector to compete fairly and in the best interest of the wider good. I believe that we are well on our way to achieving this in our health sector,” he said.

The Minister pointed out that shortly over 2,500 government officers would commence work in the rapidly growing Warrens commercial area. There will be more than adequate traffic for the clinics located in the complex.

Warrens Healthcare Complex is located in the vicinity of the Warrens polyclinic. After the minister declared the building open, guests, including a number of top local doctors got to tour the facility which houses four clinics. Medical Associates Family Clinic, a team of highly trained and experienced doctors offering emergency services. The Connell Clinics, which features two separate practices, a cancer specialist and a gastroenterologist. Diagnostic MRI Services Inc, the newest location of the Diagnostic Radiology Services group offering MRI and X-ray services and the Healthsmart Pharmacy, Barbados’ only drive-thru and walk-in pharmacy.