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The long and short of it all!

Posted by Akera on May 31, 2012 8:34:29 AM

Recently I questioned why I decided to cut my hair. Really, are the advantages and disadvantages of having short hair any different to having longer hair? Honestly, short hair takes a lot of maintenance but at the same time is very manageable. Longer hair, on the other hand, yes it requires maintenance but we tend to brush it back into a ponytail or just clip it up or wear it down. In my opinion, shorter hair also tends to suit those with a little extra flesh on their faces, like me.

Isn’t it funny how everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages? Lets look at self-employment vs employment.

Employment does sound nice, and depending on the type of job means little to no stress of staying up late worrying over what is to be done as there are fixed working times. Employment promises a salary at regular intervals, providing a feeling of financial security. When you are work for someone else, you get to learn lots of new things, new business ideas, how different companies work and meet new people. I guess employment can also be a way of preparing us to start our own business.

However self-employment comes with great benefits too, first and foremost, you are your own boss. But is this really true? With self-employment clients or customers now become your bosses as you try to meet their needs by providing them with a product or service.

However, another benefit of self-employment is there is no one to monitor your every move or scream at you to have things finished within unreasonable times. There are no fixed work times, so when your work is complete you can leave and you can accomplish other things throughout the day that you would not normally be able to be do if working fixed hours.

There are certainly a lot of other benefits of both employment and self-employment.

Nonetheless, I am of the opinion that self-employment suits those with that extra drive and commitment. This is someone who is prepared to make personal sacrifices, plan ahead and takes advice while remaining focused on their goals.

As a young lady I choose the freedom that comes with being employed, until I have gained some business sense as well as work experience!

PS. I chose to keep my hair short too!

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